Updated: March 4, 2020, 4:04 PM ET

ESPN Corrections

亲友衡阳棋牌app官网at espn, our reputation and credibility with viewers, readers and listeners are of paramount concern. while our goal is always to be accurate and fair, occasionally we will present an erroneous assertion of fact. significant errors of fact will be corrected in a clear and timely manner, with appropriate prominence.

correctable errors involve a significant factual mistake, or materially change the implication or connotation of the reporting. this policy is not intended to cover inconsequential factual errors, such as minor statistical mistakes, inadvertent and immaterial misidentifications, minor inaccuracies in a developing story or font errors that don't impair the viewers' understanding of a story.

each unit at espn -- such as studio, remote, magazine, radio, bsflkkt.cn and other networks -- will implement this policy in a manner applicable to its medium. corrections of significant factual errors across all media, as warranted, will be posted on bsflkkt.cn's corrections page for a period of time.

espn produces 24/7 programming and services, across many platforms and under fierce deadline pressures. mistakes are inevitable. a meaningful policy for correcting significant errors will engender trust with viewers, listeners and readers. espn's willingness to correct mistakes, as necessary, is directly proportional to our credibility with our audiences. espn will regularly review and amend the policy as warranted.

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Wild donation

March 4, 2020 4:00 PM

A March 4 story on bsflkkt.cn incorrectly listed the amount of money former Predators owner Craig Leipold, who now owns the Minnesota Wild, donated to relief causes. Leipold, and the Wild organization, each donated $25,000. Updated story

Odell Beckham Jr. hip injury

August 14, 2019 8:43 PM

An August 14 story had sources incorrectly describing Beckham Jr.'s injury as a hip pointer. Later, sources said it is simply a hip injury and not a pointer. Updated story

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